Rates Cottage

Here are the rates for the rental of the cottage Le Tilleul, you will find the rates per week of the complete cottage, ie a room of 6, three rooms of 4 and two rooms for 2, the ideal formula for 18 people !

The complete cottage for 18 people per week

du 03/01 au 04/02/17
1900 €
du 04/02 au 31/03/17
2500 €
April to July
du 01/04 AU 08/07/17
1700 €
du 08/07 au 31/08/17
1900 €
du 02/09 au 22/12/17
1900 €
Christmas holidays
from 23/12/17 ro 30/12/17
2000 €
New Year's Day
du 30/12 au 06/01/18
2500 €

We also rent the cottage free management for one night for 420 €.

Pets are allowed free
The beds are made,
No need to bring your sheets, you just need to bring you towels and your belongings.

To confirm the reservation
by telephone, return the signed contract and the 25% deposit check.

Upon arrival, payment of the totality
(check or cash). The check d'arrhe serves as a deposit if you break something during your stay, after visiting the owner.